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by Concanenda

11 Dec 2015 /// we recorded the Kyrie from Richard Barnard's M(Mass) in several locations across Highgate, London as part of an acoustic exploration project supported by Arts Council England and The Bliss Trust.

Track 1: M(Mass) Kyrie, is the piece as it was composed
Track 2: M(Mass) K2, is Barnard's first experimental step away from the original composition
Track 3: M(Mass) Two Sopranos, is Barnard's second step towards new choral soundscape

On recording day we recorded M(Mass) Kyrie in:
A Private Living room
Highgate Tube Station
The Woodman Pub, Highgate

M(Mass) Kyrie text:
Catharanthus roseus
Vinca rosea
Catharanthus roseus

//Catharanthus roseus (previously known as Vinca rosea) is the Madagascar rosy periwinkle. This plant contains the alkaloids vincristine and vinblastine used in chemotherapy to treat cancer.

Richard Barnard (composer) //

Singers on these tracks:
s/ Julia Sinclair & Alexandra Schwinn
a/ Sophie Nairac & Lucy Prendergast
t/ Nils Greenhow & Julian Issa
b/ Joachim Cassel & Peter Lidbetter

Recorded & Mastered by Rhys Maslen //

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