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Bright Shadows [Single]

by Concanenda

In 2013, we ran our first choral remix competition through Talenthouse, in which participants were invited to remix Campkin’s Bright Shadows. We gave participants three short extracts, or ‘stems’, of the original piece, they having never heard the original in its entirety, and were given the freedom to create completely new works.

We were overwhelmed by the sheer creative brilliance and ingenuity of the submissions, and we intend to run this competition again in the future.

A-side “Bright Shadows” by Alexander Campkin is Concanenda’s debut single and the title track from their debut album by the same name.
B-side by DJ Kenneth A


DJ KennethA https://soundcloud.com/djkennetha


Digital Instinct - People’s Choice Winner - https://soundcloud.com/ digitalinstinct/concanenda-bright-shadows 3alan  https://soundcloud.com/3alan/concanenda-bright-shadows

Prollax https://soundcloud.com/prollax/concanenda-bright-shadows