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Choral music has always been my greatest love. It completely envelopes my senses, and sometimes so much so that I feel a tingling down my back and at the ends of my fingers. When you find something you love that much you do what you can to fill your life with it. In whatever way I can, I hope I can help new listeners hear it the way I do: filled with magic, expression, and deep emotion.

It is for this reason I started Concanenda, an opportunity to create new accessibility to choral music. To be filled by it, for the love of it.


The Choir.

Concanenda started as a Cambridge-based chamber choir with an aim to promote choral music and innovative cross-genre collaborations through digital media. Xann founded the choir in November 2012 to highlight the wealth of young compositional and vocal talent that the UK had to offer.

The choir’s embrace of digital media is central to its identity, and has proven well suited to this medium through music videos, a remix competition and social media engagements. The choir’s young singers are drawn from some of Cambridge University’s most highly regarded chapel choirs, including the colleges of King’s, Trinity and Jesus to name but a few